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About years ago the hills in central Vermont were stripped bare of trees and mostly turned over to sheep farms. The wool industry, however, soon moved west, and these days Vermont is completely re-forested. No matter how hard some people try to deforest a landscape, somehow it has a way of coming back. American higher education may well have similar resilience. Looking at the current landscape, you might find that hard to believe.

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A Rape on Campus: The University of Virginia freshman wasn’t a drinker, but she didn’t want to seem like a goody-goody at her very first frat party — and she especially wanted to impress her date, the handsome Phi Kappa Psi brother who’d brought her here. Jackie was sober but giddy with discovery as she looked around the room crammed with rowdy strangers guzzling beer and dancing to loud music.

She smiled at her date, whom we’ll call Drew, a good-looking junior — or in UVA parlance, a third-year — and he smiled enticingly back. She took his hand as he threaded them out of the crowded room and up a staircase. Four weeks into UVA’s school year, year-old Jackie was crushing it at college. A chatty, straight-A achiever from a rural Virginia town, she’d initially been intimidated by UVA’s aura of preppy success, where throngs of toned, tanned and overwhelmingly blond students fanned across a landscape of neoclassical brick buildings, hurrying to classes, clubs, sports, internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work and parties; Jackie’s orientation leader had warned her that UVA students’ schedules were so packed that “no one has time to date — people just hook up.

She and Drew had met while working lifeguard shifts together at the university pool , and Jackie had been floored by Drew’s invitation to dinner, followed by a “date function” at his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi.


Lucius Cincinattus Lucius is an outdoorsman, athlete, professional, and student of classical western philosophy. His recent struggles include a complete overhaul of nutrition, competing in extreme endurance races, and mountain climbing. The horrifying details of this narrative roused the nation. While reviewing the evidence below, please ask yourself the following question: Sabrina Erdely begins by describing the meeting between the alleged victim and alleged rapist.

Rolling Stone Claim 2:

Apr 20,  · Recreational vehicles are designed for “boondocking,” or camping without hookups. A fresh water tank, volt battery-operated appliances and holding tanks allow most RV .

Another said he threw a table at her when she refused sex. Sara, a recent graduate of Stanford University, is a survivor. During her freshman year at the school, she says, a male student she was dating turned violent after she refused to have sex with him. He choked her and threatened to kill her, whispering in her ear that no one would care if she died, she says.

Sara reported the attack to Stanford administrators, who then spoke with Robert, the alleged assailant. The school imposed a no-contact order on Robert, meaning he had to keep his distance from Sara or face punishment. Sara says she was told to focus on her recovery. She agreed to the plan, and says she asked the school to notify her if other victims of his ever came forward.

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Definitions[ edit ] One definition of a hook is “a musical or lyrical phrase that stands out and is easily remembered”. A hook has been defined as a “part of a song, sometimes the title or key lyric line, that keeps recurring”. The hook is ‘what you’re selling’. Though a hook can be something as insubstantial as a ‘sound’ such as da doo ron ron , “ideally should contain one or more of the following:

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Our ideas about false accusers have little to do with reality. The widely-read Rolling Stone article, later retracted , about a brutal gang rape at the University of Virginia; the accusations against innocent members of the Duke University lacrosse team. These cases are readily cited by defense attorneys and Republican lawmakers and anyone else who wants a reason to discuss the dangers of false allegations. What if a woman has consensual sex, and then regrets it the next day?

What if a woman gets dumped by her boyfriend and decides to accuse him of rape as revenge? But my research—including academic studies, journalistic accounts, and cases recorded in the US National Registry of Exonerations—suggests that every part of this narrative is wrong. This may be hard to believe, especially considering that rape is a felony, punishable with years of prison.

According to the National Registry of Exonerations , since records began in , in the US there are only 52 cases where men convicted of sexual assault were exonerated because it turned out they were falsely accused. By way of comparison, in the same period, there are cases in which people were exonerated for murder. Furthermore, in the most detailed study ever conducted of sexual assault reports to police, undertaken for the British Home Office in the early s, out of complaints that were classified as false, only had even gotten to the stage where the accuser lodged a formal complaint.

Only 39 complainants named a suspect. Only six cases led to an arrest, and only two led to charges being brought before they were ultimately deemed false. So the evidence suggests that even in the rare case where a man is the subject of a false rape complaint, chances are that the charges will be dropped without him ever learning about the allegations. This raises an obvious question:

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False rape accusations loom large in the cultural imagination. We don’t forget the big ones: The widely-read Rolling Stone article, later retracted, about a brutal gang rape at the.

Blogs Family Wed Dec 17, – 1: Jonathon van Maren Follow Jonathon About a month ago, Rolling Stone Magazine published a savage story that made headlines across North America, detailing a brutal gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity. Controversy erupted almost immediately, with the same tiresome lines being trumpeted: As the UVA rape story began to unravel, feminists got rather shrill, justifiably worried that this could result in other anti-rape measures being taken less serious.

Conservatives were a bit triumphant, rather ironically stating that this was another example of moral panic. I fall somewhere in between these two camps. Our culture no longer has a moral code, and as we witness the destruction and collapse that were always sure to result from that, we should be sure to point out why this happened—and point to those long abandoned virtues of chastity and modesty and restraint.

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Oscar O’Reilly Oscar is a novelist and essayist. An otherwise obscure Arizona woman named Barbara Bowman was widely ridiculed a few weeks ago, after the Washington Post published her Bill-Cosby-raped-me claims. Bowman at the time of the alleged assaults had been a pretty, blonde, aspiring actress, still in her teens—prime bait for a libidinous male TV star, and probably well aware of that fact. But as a teenager, I tried to convince myself I had imagined it.

I even tried to rationalize it: The Post commenters ran heavily against her, scolding and mocking: Still, the Post and other feminist-oriented media sites kept the story going—to grab more clicks, of course, but also because they seemed to want to take Cosby down, and in so doing put another notch on the feminist crossbow.

Because of the statute of limitations on rape cases, Bowman says Cosby will likely never suffer legal consequences for raping her.


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