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We had no problems with versatility. In terms of wearing the monitors, you can place them either in front or the back of your ears, although with IEMs in general we prefer the back, but be our guest when it comes to preference. The ergonomic fit is great and molded low-profile design aids in not only noise-isolation but bass response and comfort as well. The top coating near the monitors themselves is form-fitting and rubberized that allows you to bend and shape them to ear your ears. This is because dynamic drivers use a combination of neodymium magnet, voice coil as well as diaphragm attached to the voice coil to create the movement of sound and portray this into our ears, acting not only faster for processing of audio but frequency distribution as well. When testing, we had some trip-hop playing for a while but sifted through about genres that range in bass and treble to check out the performance of these. As stated previously, we noticed a dominance of both ends of the range as opposed to perhaps a blend of 3 with higher-end mids, but this still in our opinion provides a nice detailed, rich and flat sound. A look at the detachable cable and MMCX connectors. You get a total of 18 ear tips here — 3 pairs of silicone tips, 3 pairs of foam tips, and 3 pairs of dual flange tips, all with small, medium and large sizes.

Questions about hooking up Monitors/Headphone-amp to DAC

Setting up a Patchbay in your Home Studio Increase your creative options with flexible signal paths by Tweakheadz Lab Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Your significant other barges in your studio and screams the usual blood curdling scream at that always annoying pitch. There you lay on the floor, under the desk, and you aren’t moving.

The SO probably thinks you electrocuted yourself again. But you know you are alright, just trying to plug your new synth into inputs of your audio interface. Oh there they go.

Apr 21,  · My moms TV sound sucks, so I gave her very good powered studio monitors, since i m no longer using them. The issue is the speaker volume can not be controlled by the TV, so I need the “in between” device to manage volume to the monitors.

What if I am not yet an AES member? You can register as a non-member if you wish. After supplying your name and contact information, enter this special code: After payment you will immediately receive an email confirming your new AES Membership number. A minute classroom session teaches the line array’s design, theory and supporting software components in a small class format.

A second minute hands-on practical session instructs mechanical assembly and electrical hook-up details for erecting an array from a portable line array tower, culminating in system proof and coverage confirmation with the use of pink noise and an evaluation track of music. These breakout sessions are followed by best practices workshops on antenna systems and frequency coordination to prepare attendees for the coming changes in wireless spectrum.

In-Ear Monitoring Academy Hosted by in-ear monitor touring professional Mark Frink, In-Ear Monitor Academy starts each morning with an important IEM Fundamentals and Hearing Conservation presentation discussing IEM best practices and examining the physiology of hearing and fundamentals of in-ear monitor engineering that can help with hearing conservation. This is followed by a session on engineering wireless IEMs and upcoming changes to wireless frequency spectrum. The afternoon will be dedicated to a demonstration of in-ear monitor engineering practices with support from leading IEM brands, including Ultimate Ears, Klang, Lectrosonics and Sennheiser.

Attendees will experience unique benefits, applications and how such components interoperate with other leading studio systems. Attendees can choose from Studio A, Studio B and Studio C – each of which will feature various products from leading hardware manufacturers. Studio Learn from some of the biggest names in the recording industry as they provide presentations on a variety of subjects and issues pertinent to any producer, engineer, musician and songwriter.

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Out of Stock 3. A red light will glow from the button to indicate that its phantom power is working. Adjust the Gain Controller knob while speaking to the mic. Ensure that there should be only green light while speaking.

Jul 04,  · What up peeps. I use FLStudio with MPD16 and Reaon with a Korg MIDI Controller. Yeah, i’m more on the computer side for producing cuz I got other shit to get with my money insted of spending thousands on hardware.

So I have a studio monitor, midi keyboard, a ddj sx, and a macbook. How do I wire the cable connections so that I can use my monitors for regular computer use, mixing, and then production without having to switch wires, which is what I am currently doing? In original post, i was using a kontrol s4 and thought about getting the NI audio interface but now I just want to be able to use the studio monitors for multiple reasons without having to switch cables back and forth.

I want to know how I should set it all up. I was looking into Native Instruments audio interfaces but am not sure if I need them. If I do, do I go with the audio 6 traktor or do i go with audio 6 komplete.

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Alesis Elevate 3 studio speakers deliver full-range sound with impressive clarity and warmth to all your mixes, masters and multimedia content. Elevate 3 speakers bring out every detail of the sound, unencumbered and crystal clear. Unlike conventional speakers that use vibration-prone plastic cabinets, the Elevate 3’s dense wood cabinets suppress clarity-robbing resonances, resulting in clearer sound and stronger bass. Elevate 3 studio speakers contain powerful, three-inch woofers and crisp-sounding one-inch silk-dome tweeters that deliver full lows, clean highs and a precise stereo image.

The internal amplifier is custom-designed and equalized to work perfectly with the Elevate 3’s drivers, for impressive impact and output capability. Packaged in stereo-matched sets, Elevate 3 studio speakers give you everything you need, all in one box.

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Show who you are to those posh cables! LOL After investigating the cables, I think it would be really really useful to also check the connectors, which I guess may be way more significant in the transmission of the signal. A frequency analyzer would be informative as well. Anonymous Your right though a null test would of been good, it was mentioned but we ran out of time. Did you look at the screen grabs posted above? Random error is, after all, just that. Of course, that all takes time, and I appreciate that you did a test at all.

Maybe if you posted up the. Most notably at about 22Hz and 44Hz. There looks like there is some detail loss at the top end too but I would really need a slightly more detailed freqanalyser for that one. Can we all pay our respects to the Junior Spesh: Please let us know what you find! Anonymous Wow that video was… Spesh?


Often this must be squeezed between going to work, taking out the garbage, getting the kids to bed on time, and sleeping once in a while. Throw a computer based DAW into the mix and things get tougher. Fortunately you can make your life a lot easier and create a ready-to-record environment by adding a small mixer to your setup. Goals for the mixer based home studio Monitoring — This refers to your need to hear the instrument you are currently playing as well as the prerecorded tracks you may be playing over.

You need to hear both sources playback and new material and have easy access to adjust their level in relation to one another.

GLS Audio 25ft Patch Cable Cords – XLR Male To 1/4″ TRS Black Cables – 25′ Balanced Snake Cord (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A MIC CABLE!).

A studio monitor is no ordinary loudspeaker. Unlike a conventional speaker, a true monitor must be unerringly accurate, with a flat frequency response and vanishingly low distortion. It has to tell you, the music producer – dependably and unquestionably – exactly what is or is not in your recording. In a studio-grade monitor speaker, there is no place for the usual list of speaker colorations and limitations prevalent in conventional loudspeakers. Monitor Performance Starts with Driver Excellence: A monitor’s drivers are the heart and soul of its performance.

Driving the low-end and midrange, BX5-D3’s 5-inch military-grade Kevlar woofers are rigid and lightweight, delivering outstanding transient response whist negating unwanted “cone breakup. Together, the BX drivers deliver critical detail, nuance and dynamic accuracy, so your mixes have the veracity and transparency you demand.

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Posted 20 September – Back in the analog days there was a little set of 5″ cube speakers that everyone checked their final mixes on The 5″ speakers were Auratones or Horrortones as they were affectionately known and just about every studio in the world had and probably still has a pair. There was a programme on TV recently about Quincy Jones and they spoke about them on there.

Jul 12,  · Now, working with hooking it up to a monitor, you can do this sevral ways. With a 9 pin monitor cable, you can use an HDMI cable to hook up to the monitor, or you can USB plug it in. With each of these there are adaptors to convert if the female Status: Resolved.

Its elegantly designed lightweight thermoplastic housing is designed to take the rigors of life on the road, session after session. This is one seriously powerful and connectible interface. Studio Mic Ready High-quality studio condenser microphones require 48V of external power to function. It’s part of what makes them sound so good, crisp and accurate.

TRS balanced analog audio outputs that let you send a zero-latency signal to your studio monitors or portable speakers. These outputs deliver a stunningly clear audio signal thanks to iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite’s exceptional output drivers. This superior design makes it an ideal audio interface for when you want to perform live and connect your gear directly to the stage audio system without having to use any special cables or problematic DI Boxes.

Plus, iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite has a high-quality headphone amp with level control so you even monitor your recording and playback in real time with your favorite set of cans. Camped out in the studio?

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How to Make a Cheap Recording Studio As computer technology has developed, more and more performance is possible on a lower and lower budget. As a result, building a simple home recording studio around your existing computer can be quite inexpensive. Learning how to make a cheap recording studio at home requires an assessment of exactly what you’ll be using the studio for and what quality of sound you need.

A lot of new artists and producers don’t know how important it is to setup your studio monitors in the best possible way. And sometimes even seasoned vets don’t realize how much better they could get their beats/songs sounding by setting them up right.

Essentially, the job of a studio monitor is to let you hear your source audio in its rawest, purest, most uncolored and transparent form. What exactly does uncolored and transparent mean? To grasp this concept, think about the two main groups of people buying speakers. This group of people buys consumer speakers, that artificially boost certain frequencies and use other tricks to make music sound better usually the bass and treble are boosted, which we typically perceive as making music sound better.

The remaining 2 people are the ones recording and producing the music that the other 98 are listening to. So, they need professional speakers that tell the truth – this means the frequency response has to be flat, i. All of your other bookshelf speakers, car speakers, iPhone earbuds, etc.

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This product has been discontinued. Consider Your Sources Based on our hot-selling Central Station PLUS rack-mount control center, the Monitor Station enables you to manage multiple audio sources and sets of monitor speakers, simply and easily, right from your desktop. When used as aux inputs, they are simply dB line-level inputs on RCA jacks, suitable for use with CD and DVD players, cassette decks, and other consumer gear other than turntables.

When vinyl records are cut, EQ is applied to reduce the low frequencies and boost the highs. Reducing the low frequencies before recording helps override system hum and other low-frequency noise and enables narrower groove width on the record, so more grooves to fit into a given surface area, resulting in longer recording times.

Jan 03,  · Best Answer: This is funny. These are the pair my friend has. He uses a M-Audio Fast Track to hook up his monitor, because its a sound card and also an audio to digital interface for recording XLR or 1/4″ TRS : Resolved.

Bass players were floored by how such great tones could be contained in an enclosure so small and lightweight, that they immediately cried out for more. So that’s what we decided to do. With the BH you get Watts of raw power, and all the punch and creative features your heart could possibly desire without compromising with the super portable and lightweight build that made the original BH such an innovative amp.

And with the intelligent EQ section and the option of driving several cabs at once, BH is the new natural choice for every modern bass player out there! So whether you need a lush chorus and a compressor for that next funk gig, or maybe a monstrous distortion and an octaver for your upcoming show with your metal band, BH will have you covered, and then some! And, as if that wasn’t enough, they are available for free, straight from your smartphone.

Finally an amp that’s as versatile as you need it to be! High-Tech Sledgehammer Bass is more present than ever in today’s music. We’ve transitioned from supporting members to the guys in the spotlight. Let’s face it, we’re in demand and we need the tools to deliver – BH does just that. With its Lightweight, portable design, Intelligent EQ section, ultra-precise on-board tuner that handles up to six strings and unlimited tonal versatility through TonePrint, BH isn’t just your run-of-the-mill bass amp… it’s what bass amps were intended to be!

And with the BH ‘s intelligent EQ section we’ve once again placed ourselves far ahead of the tone-tailoring-game. Behind the deceptively simple four dial design lies a frequency range perfectly tuned for bass.

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A thorny subject to be sure, with as many opinions as is believable. As with microphones and sequencers, the debate often turns into flame-fests. Yet there has been some progress in our understanding of monitors.

This article is about how to connect studio monitors to your PC. Connecting your studio monitors to your PC can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Plus, the quality of the music is barely affected.

This Audiobox can also be used for recording music. Also included is a 10 ft. XLR cable used for connecting a microphone to the Audiobox. In my opinion, it really comes down to the length that will work best for your personal setup. If you plan on using your audio interface and monitors for recording, it makes sense to get a longer cord around ft. They start at about 6 ft. These high-density foam pads serve a couple different purposes.

How To Connect Studio Monitors To An Audio Interface

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