Apples Malus pumila probably originated in Central Asia, near what is now present-day Kazakstan. As early peoples selected for larger and tastier fruit, wild apples M. Ancient apple varieties furnished food and drink in the form of fresh and hard cider, and sweetness in ancient times before refined sugar was available. Heirloom Apples For fruits, heirloom varieties are considered to be those that grew before the advent of refrigerated boxcars. Before that, apples were bred for specific purposes: After boxcars, apples needed to be able to survive a hard long journey to market, and plant breeders developed varieties for shipping ability. Generally, heirloom apples are considered to be those from the mid- to late s back to ancient times. If you want to see why apples were so favored by our ancestors, taste some heirloom cultivars. Cultivars Before Today’s “White Pearmain” probably corresponds to the ancient “Pearmain” mentioned as being grown in English medieval orchards in the s.

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Large online retailers such as Wine. Due to state-by-state alcohol laws, some states do not allow wine to be shipped from out of state. Those who can buy online will want to get browsing. Dark fruit and a silken texture are easy to love in this indulgent wine that pairs well with steak, mushrooms, and cheese plates.

-Juicy and sweet with a soft texture -Harvested March – May. APPLES / Red Delicious – -They are thought to be the oldest domesticated crop, dating back over 11, years. – Figs are very nutritious, and are very high in fibre and flavonoids. -Can be eaten fresh or dried.

Lady is small but intense! Its bright white flesh is crisp and juicy, with hints of citrus. Some liken it to the flavor of dried fruit. Lady is a late-season apple, ripening in late October into November. Because of its size, festive coloring, and ability to withstand a freeze, Lady is often featured in Christmas wreaths, and is also known as Christmas Apple. Lady is a brilliant sight in the orchard during late summer and fall, cascading in thick clusters.

Lady apple Bar Lois Weeks photo But Lady first and foremost is a culinary apple, packing a powerful punch of sweet-tart flavor. Its small size make Lady less than ideal for cooking, but they are popular in salads, eaten fresh, and pickled sweet or sour, in the latter case sometimes served with a hot sauce. Lady is one of the oldest known apple varieties, having been cultivated in France since the s during the reign of Louis XIII. It may be even older, dating back to ancient Rome.

Why we are eating the wrong kind of apples

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Empire Red, crisp, juicy, slightly tart Sept–Oct X X G G F E Red Delicious-McIntosh cross Red Delicious Red, of heirloom apples, some dating as far back as the s. Arbor Avenue • Nebraska City, NE Apple Varieties () •

Artichokes Food historians confirm artichokes descended from their wild cousins cardoons. While the wild variety was consumed in ancient times, modern artichokes, as we know them today, first surface during the Medieval ages. These “Old World” vegetables were introduced to America by European settlers. Jerusalem artichokes , a “New World” food related to sunflowers, are a completely unrelated vegetable.

Chinese artichokes aka Japanese artichokes are completely unrelated. What are artichokes and how long have we been eating them? This is fortunate, because there is confusion enough created by the numerous varities of the globe artichoke grown around the world.

Why we are eating the wrong kind of apples

Excellent for cooking, sauces or eating. Baldwin An old favorite home and market apple in Maine. Large crimson coated fruit over green.

Kuhn Orchards (near Gettysburg, PA) cultivates acres with apples, peaches, strawberries, cherries currants and more for local farmers markets. Red and green skin. One of the firmest apples available. Very crisp with tart-sweet flavor. York: A Hungarian cultivar introduced in with very firm dark red fruit, red juicy flesh. Great.

They have been engineered on sweetness, shapes, colours and resistance to disease. But mostly sugar, sugar, sugar. We are addicted to sugar and the retailers know it. For any great taste, you need contradictions, a mix of sweet, sour, acid, bitter or salty. The sugar content of apples sold in Britain is between 12 per cent and 14 per cent. Tim Biddlecombe, chairman and chief executive of the Farm Advisory Services Team, which advises apple growers, said the Gala does not contain more sugar than the Cox, but tastes sweeter because of its lower acid content.

The appeal of appearance and sweetness has led to a rise in our consumption of four apples from the Antipodes. Galas are from New Zealand, as are the Braeburn and Jazz varieties, bred by crossing Gala and Braeburn, although some of these are now grown here. Home-grown apples mean a better taste, a better texture, a better flavour, a better colour and better nutrients.

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View All Agarwood Aldehydes A synthetic component added to fine perfume, its fragrance is pure and fresh, similar to clean linen taken down from the line. Its creator is said to have been inspired by visits to the Arctic Circle and the smell of water at midnight. View All Aldehydes Aloe Vera Commonly called the “first aid” plant, aloe gel is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties.

View All Aloe Vera Amaranth Seed Amaranthus Caudatus goes by common names such as love-lies-bleeding, velvet flower, pendant amaranth, tassel flower, foxtail amaranth, and quilete.

Yellow apples, blush apples, orange apples, golden apples, brown apples, red/green, green/red, yellow/red, yellow/green, and other colors. Basically, saying red or green makes it seem like those are the only two “kinds”.

Kiwis are vigorous vines. They cannot support their own weight and will spread up to 30 feet. They require strong support such as trellis, arbor, or fence. In nature, they grow up into trees. Training to the south side of a building is excellent for the small planting. Kiwi vines are heavy feeders and like their roots to be in warm soil. A mature kiwi vine can produce pounds of fruit. Kiwis require special training and pruning to produce good crops.

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So though chicken is white meat, duck and goose are red. Pork is classified as a red meat, even though it does turn white on cooking. This is because, like other red meats, it contains larger amounts of myoglobin, a protein found in the muscles of mammals, which is what creates the red colour. From brain function to fighting off infection, here the experts reveal the many ways that meat, in moderation, is important for good health.

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Buy Red Delicious is one of the most famous American apples, and one of the most widely grown apple varieties. Although the names are similar, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious are entirely different varieties. There are a lot of other similarities though: Red Delicious is “sport” of the original Delicious apple , the bright red colour making it more commercially successful, and it has become a very important commercial apple variety especially in North America. Red Delicious is a medium-sized apple, with a tall conical shape.

The dark and intense crimson colour makes it the quintessential red apple, and it is has strong shelf appeal. A number of improved “sports” have been developed, of which the most well-known is probably Starking. Unfortunately the visual appeal is not matched by the flavor. Red Delicious has a sweet but very mild flavor, somewhat reminscent of slightly over-ripe melon. The flesh is juicy and has a light crispness. The skin can be quite tough.

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In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage; catching it was an indication of acceptance. We thank you for your pratronage through the last 26 years. Bill Ford is available for consultation and presentations. Please feel free to use the following pages for reference. Anna A great low chill apple from Israel for our customer in Zones Anna has excellent quality with just enough tartness for fresh eating as well as cooking.

Pie crust In its most basic definition, pie crust is a simple mix of flour and water. The addition of fat makes it pastry. In all times and places, the grade of the ingredients .

Anna Apple Remarkable fruit for mild winter climates in So. Heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples even in low desert. Keeps 2 months in refrigerator. Self-fruitful or pollenized by Dorsett Golden or Einshemer. Arkansas Black Spur Apple Large, late season. Dark red skin, high quality even where summer nights are warm. For dessert and cooking.

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