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See Article History Alternative Titles: Area city proper, 93 square miles square kilometres ; metropolitan area , square miles square kilometres. After Provence joined the Kingdom of France in the 15th century, Marseille retained a separate administration and continually engaged in spirited revolt against kings or governments that threatened its liberties. Frenchmen elsewhere, convinced that the Mediterranean climes of Provence could never be fully integrated into either the French realm or the Gallic spirit, long looked upon Marseille as a sort of folkloric institution: By whatever proportion fact may have been coloured with myth in its image, Marseille undoubtedly forms a major element in the economic and social structure of France. Under the Socialist mayor Gaston Defferre , whose administration, from until his death in , was the longest in its history, Marseille experienced major transformation—a process that is still continuing. Physical and human geography The character of Marseille has been determined to a great extent by geographic location. The trading port founded by Greeks from the city of Phocaea in about bc was to attract both settlers and visitors.

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Balcony roads in France In France there are a few balcony roads, which are hair-raising lanes cut into the sides of sheer cliffs. There is little room for error on these roads. It’s normal for your palms to sweat looking at those photos, imagine what it must have been like before the barriers.

Avignon, once the residence of the Popes in the Middle Ages, is still a vibrant destination today. Visitors can see the Palais des Papes, the famous pont d’Avignon, the amparts, churches and chapels, which are all unique to the city.

Prehistoric Provence[ edit ] The entrance to the Cosquer Cave , decorated with paintings of penguins, bison, seals and outlines of hands dating to 27, to 19, BC, is 37 meters under the surface of the Calanque de Morgiou near Cassis. A bronze-age dolmen to B. Primitive stone tools were found in the Grotte du Vallonnet near Roquebrune-Cap-Martin , between Monaco and Menton , dating to between 1 million and 1.

Evidence found at the Grotte du Vallonnet shows they were more scavengers than hunters, using tools to scrape meat from the carcasses of bison, deer, rhinoceros, horses and other game killed by saber-toothed tigers, tigers, panthers and other predators. Inside, the walls of the Cosquer Cave are decorated with drawings of bisons, seals, penguins, horses and outlines of human hands, dating to between 27, and 19, BC.

The disappearance of the forests and the deer and other large game meant that the inhabitants of Provence had to survive on rabbits, snails and wild sheep. Inspired by imported pottery from the eastern Mediterranean, in about BC they created the first pottery to be made in France. They were farmers and warriors, and gradually displaced the pastoral people from their lands. They were followed in about BC by another wave of settlers, also farmers, known as the Courronniens, who arrived by sea and settled along the coast of what is now the Bouches-de-Rhone department.

They were probably the descendants of the indigenous neolithic peoples who had lived there through the Iron Age and the Bronze Age , but had not yet discovered iron. The soil is so rocky that you cannot plant anything without striking stones. The men compensate for the lack of wheat by hunting They climb the mountains like goats.

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Avoriaz Avoriaz is a French mountain resort in the heart of the Portes du Soleil. It is located in the territory of the commune of Morzine. Snow chains are often necessary. Avoriaz is built on a shelf high above the town of Morzine, which is among the pioneering towns of skiing with its first lifts dating back to the early s. Today Avoriaz is one of the major French ski destinations catering for all standards of skiing and ranks among the top snowboarding destinations of the world.

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Le Mans is found about 80 kilometers north of Tours, and south of Alencon. To many of course, Le Mans is famous only for a 24 hour racing event once a year. If you are not interested in cars and car racing, it is best to avoid visiting Le Mans in the middle of June. However, Le Mans also has a fantastic old town and is well worth the visit.

Sights The highlight is the St Julien Cathedral, which was built between the 11th and 15th centuries. It is a mixture of styles because of the time taken to build it and is one of the largest in France. At the main entrance of the cathedral is a stone menhir, which was raised by the prehistoric people who lived here in BC.

The menhir, which became a pagan symbol for fertility was saved from destruction by Saint Julien who came to Le Mans in the 4th century. Opposite Le Mans cathedral on the Place du Cardinal Grente is the Bishop’s house, a lovely 16th century building and next to it the Pilgrim’s house, also 16th century. Encircling the town much remains of the Roman wall which is one of the best preserved in Europe.

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The dramatic peaks, lakes and rolling plains serve as platforms for world-class skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and golf. Overall, the region enjoys close to 2, hours of sunshine a year and summers are hot, especially in the south. Spring and autumn are mostly mild and the Alps are perfectly cold and snowy for winter skiing.

The Rhone Valley is the oldest established winemaking region in France, dating back years before the Romans. The Rhone river valley is a grape growing and wine producing area famed for its red wines.

Hotels in Lyon Hotels in Lyon Lyon, the Gastronomic Capital of France, is not only a paradise for food-lovers, it is also one of Europe’s most photogenic cities. Well connected to Paris and the south of France thanks to the country’s sophisticated high-speed railway network, the city features a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was originally known for its successful silk industry. Lyon Cathedral A superlative example of Roman Catholic architecture, the building of Lyon Cathedral began in the 12th century, although the church was not completed into years later.

Inside, you can observe the incredibly well preserved Lyon astronomical clock, which was created in the 14th century and was restored in the s. Vieux Lyon Old Lyon Immerse yourself in the Renaissance era by visiting Vieux Lyon, which is the oldest district in the city and contains many fine landmarks dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as numerous Gothic Revival buildings.

Vieux Lyon is also the location of the cathedral, and is divided into the three neighbourhoods of Saint Georges, Saint Jean and Saint Paul. The Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon Showcasing many outstanding ancient, medieval and contemporary artworks from distinguished artists such as Renoir, Rembrandt and Poussin, the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon is one of France’s most visited exhibition venues.

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The regional cuisine is heavily influenced by the mountains, both in the types of product historically available and the need to provide comfort and warmth through the winter. Expect plenty of smoked meats, sausages and of course cheeses. Some of the most well-known regional dishes include: A similar dish, gratin savoyard is made in the Savoie with onions and cheese instead of cream.

Made with ham hock, sausages, lard, carrots and the ever-present potatoes. Try it, love it. Raclette – Cheese melted by an open fire or on a special electric table-top grill; the melted part is then scraped onto your plate, and served with small firm potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions and charcuteries. A real treat even by local standards, and often reserved for special occasions such as Christmas. They serve as the base ingredient for many a tasty dish, including gratins and salads.

Tartiflette – Another potato gratin, oven baked with lardons, onions and melted reblochon. Truffade – A sort of gratin-cum-pancake made with sliced potatoes, melted salers cheese and sometimes served with Auvergnat ham. This often acts as an accompaniment to local sausages – French bangers and mash! Yes, nearly everything is made with melted cheese, potatoes and onions!

Unusually for France, most of the signature dishes are or can be, with minimal modification vegetarian friendly, but vegans and those intolerant to gluten or lactose will probably be disappointed with the preponderance of dairy.

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Vegetation[ edit ] The vegetation in the plain of Valence is mid-European with a supra-Mediterranean floor pedunculate oak , oak found in the coldest places, and thickets of hornbeam mingled with thermophilic species such as downy oak , or even evergreen oaks on exposed slopes with draining soils. The hills mostly limestone have a double vegetation: Mediterranean on the southern side and Sub-continental on the northern side. Communication and transport[ edit ] The central railway station of Valence is the Gare de Valence-Ville , located just south of the town centre.

The station offers connections to Lyon, Grenoble, Avignon, Gap and several regional destinations.

Near Annonay in northern Ardèche, a lovely country house dating from within tranquil, leafy grounds. Nearby are the famous Côtes du Rhône vineyards, the Peaugres Safari Park and the .

Click to enlarge Route description PK 0. The diversion canal down to Givors PK 14 is narrower than the more recent canals, and has a fast current. Usually quite a lot of commercial traffic. It can be a slow grind upstream. The photo shows a new pontoon on the west bank, just downstream of the footbridge, opposite Vienne, with a history dating back years.

Possibly wise to moor on the inside against the piles but depth not checked. Passenger boats may occupy the outside. The through route railway is on the opposite bank. There are plans to extend the marina further into the branch. It is already extensive, and well used, but is also showing signs of wear and tear. The outside pontoons along the river have few electricity or water points that work, possibly because they are very vulnerable to boats colliding with them, carried by wind and current.

These are significant factors, to be taken account of when berthing or entering the marina and there are back eddies to the left of the entrance, when coming in.

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Volume 16, Issue 4 , August , Pages Regional policy issues for rail freight services Author links open overlay panel LaetitiaDablanc Show more https: The paper focuses on France, and makes some comparisons with North America and Germany. It is organized in two parts. We observe that to date, unlike short lines in North America, which have mostly sought cooperation with major railways, the new rail operators in Europe are competing with the majors.

The second part discusses regional policies on rail freight transport. We observe that for some time, local governments in France have been afraid that the on-going reduction of regional rail freight services will increase truck traffic and environmental impacts.

All TGV high-speed train services come into Lyon Part Dieu station, on the east side of the Rhone. Some continue, along with many local trains, to the old main station at Perrache, on the Presqu’ile, 1 km south of Place Bellecour.

It was once common for wealthy Brits to spend the winter in the South of France. The French Riviera was one of the first modern resorts, prized initially for its health-giving and restorative effects, then later for its VIP visitors. Winter tourism began at the end of the 18th century and picked up speed with the arrival of the railway in the mid th century.

They are well to the east of Provence proper, where the weather is very different. The climate is much more extreme in Western Provence than on the Riviera. But it is usually accompanied by the kind of bright blue skies and glorious sunshine guaranteed to lift the spirits, despite the cold. It rarely snows in Southern Provence, though it’s highly likely further north in the Luberon and Haute Provence. The main thing to bear in mind is that the weather can change very suddenly.

At the beginning of the book he amusingly recalls planning his first swim of the year on a sunny New Year’s Day – only to find his pipes frozen, then burst, within a few hours.

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