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You date Vejen
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i don't think waffling about railways in Denmark is relevant.♦ Following your suggestion regarding the railway, I have tried in vain to find accurate information about the history of Skørping Station.

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An impressionist novel, it relates the story of Katinka, a sensitive but ambitious young woman married to a boisterous and somewhat vulgar station master, Bai.

At the time of release in Denmark in 1886, critics from the daily newspapers were generally enthusiastic about Ved Vejen.

Your Vejen, Denmark google satellite map sightseeing starts now!

that even though Ved Vejen was written in 1886, the theme regarding the hidden pain of a woman's loneliness in a Danish province still resonates with today's readership?

You don't need to trim the lead, just repeat the same information, as the lead is a summary of the whole article.

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