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Steyr dating
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By adjusting the focusing eye piece he was able to get proper stock weld and see sharply with the scope.

I am frequently asked what changes have been made to the Steyr Scout since it was first offered.

While in Europe the factory will swap handle assemblies, that option has generally not been available in the US although as of 2004 Steyr USA has had some available but they are fitted with the big SSG cone shape knob like the knob in the picture below.

For more information on TW25B see Mil-Comm's web site at Click here for information on how and where to lubricate your Scout or other SBS based rifles.

Many people do not care for the flattened bolt handle of the standard Steyr Scout.

The old cams are perfectly straight while the improved cam has a noticeable "hump." If you have a problem with the bolt lift contact me by clicking here as I occasionally have some of these in stock..

I do not provide these for individual fitting as they need some fitting and a special tool is needed to safely compress the spring on the non-adjustable spring models. Removal of the barrel by a non-Steyr armorer is not recomented and takes a special wrench.

It IS NOT officially available for retrofit on older rifles.

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