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Singles voitsberg
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Voitsberg is a county town (Bezirkshauptstadt), which makes it an important administrative, educational and economic centre for the area.In terms of sightseeing, Voitsberg is nice and offers the usual sights of a historic market town - yet the place is not a very touristy one.

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It served military purposes, was later transformed into a more representative place and saw its end in 1877: The entrepreneur August Zang re-modelled it into a rather unappealing historicist chateaux.

Another important attraction is the Burgruine Krems; its origins can be tracked back to the 12th century.

The church of St.-Josefs-Kirche was built as a monastic church between 16 in Baroque style.

Note the former Carmelite monastery, founded in 1395 and dissolved in 1812.

Since then, the ruins serve as a venue for cultural events like the annual "Burghofspiele", a theatre festival of local interest.

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