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Single pritzwalk
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Thanks to the DB hotel guide I was able to go straight to the Hotel Schlossgarten, exactly 10 minutes walk from the station.

This provided very comfortable accommodation for DM89 (winter rate, IIRC summer was about 115). I ended up in a very dreary establishment in the market square.

A local whom I spoke to at Pritzwalk had no knowledge of Meyenburg-Priemerburg closing which is curious, though as the company is based at Putlitz it wouldn’t involve any gaps in the network.

On the way back the gricer:normal ratio was around 1:1 (4 of each). The internal layout is excellent - spacious but well broken up and there are very large windows.

The seats are awful though, and severe discomfort had set in by the time it got back to Neustrelitz.

The southbound kart which we crossed at Kyritz was an ex Dürener Kreisbahn vehicle, so presumably this one is too.

The line to Pritzwalk is seriously long, slow, flat and straight. No sign of any freight other than some wagons at Pritzwalk.

I’ve eaten many pigs worth (sorry guys) in the intervening 30 years and never had the slightest problem!

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