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Single party halle saale
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On March 8 1933 over an hundred SA and SS men stormed the building, tore down the imperial flag replacing it with the swastika flag drove out the Socialists.The Karl Marx House was first occupied by the police then confiscated by the Nazi Party, and finally, on May 4 1933 became the headquarters of their party newspaper "Der Stürmer." ..buildings still physically in existence after 1933 also disappeared from tourist literature.The northern team found 'its' bridge blown up; The Kaiserbrücke team reported that the bridge (Roman bridge) - it had stood for almost 2000 years - was intact.

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After the Nazis came to power the building was confiscated and turned into a printing house.

Here the corpse of the first victim of the Nazis, Social Democrat Hermann Möschel, was laid out in 1932.

He directed machine-gun fire from his tank to the other end of the bridge and ordered an infantry and an The usurpation by force of the leadership of the Reich Committee of the German Youth Associations (Reichsausschluß deutscher Jugendverbände) on April 5, 1933, the umbrella organization for all youth organiations in Germany, with a total membership of between 5 and 6 million young people, marked the beginning of Gleichschaltung of the political, religious, and youth movement–oriented youth organizations, their disbanding or forced transfer into the Hitler Youth.

This led to a signicant increase in the Hitler Youth membership ranks and at the same time augmented the ranks of the league.

By November 1938, all Jewish businesses were to be 'aryanised'. From May 1940 it became the way station for at least 25 000 prisoners and resistance fighters from neighbouring occupied countries Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

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