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Single kapfenberg
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She took over the role of water provider, going on many trips to replenish and boil her tribe's water supply.

After her tribe won chickens in the fourth Reward Challenge, Kimmi once again found herself grappling with her vegetarian beliefs as she could not stand to see the way her tribe mates handled the chickens, leading to one of Survivor's most iconic conflicts, the infamous finger-wagging debacle between Kimmi and tribe mate Alicia Calaway.

Kimmi Kappenberg currently works as a bartender in Long Island, New York, while also freelancing as a production assistant for television commercials.

Having taken courses at Suffolk Community College, University of Houston and Stephen F.

On their first night in the game she entertained her fellow Kucha tribe mates in the camp, talking about 'risque' subjects that upset Debb.

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