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Single horned roe deer
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A year-old buck Roe Deer sporting a single, centrally located horn has been spotted in Italy.The deer is part of a captive herd that roams the Center of Natural Sciences’ park in the Tuscan town of Prato.

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The qilin is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and military might throughout Asia, so the hunter is probably fortunate he didn’t kill one of those either.

Unicorns are in the news, thanks to reports of a two-horned Asian Unicorn… Where are the REAL unicorns – you know, the one-horned variety?

The roe deer lived to be quite old and was a little pudgy, leading Pokorny to infer his unusual deformity didn't hold him back in life.

Meanwhile, on another continent, another hunter also recently bagged a "unicorn deer." KULR reports Amy Calkins shot what she thought was her first buck in Washington state in mid-October—except it turned out to be a doe with a single antler.

But the animal that was killed was no mystic creature, said Pokorny, who examined the creature that was killed in August.

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