Single guys problems

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Single guys problems
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The enemy is trying to destroy your masculine strength, hoping to distract you from battle against him, thus making you ineffective. Your heart's deepest longings are God-given, but for them to be fulfilled, you must get out on the front lines in the battle for your heart.

So we retreat to the illicit and are distracted for a few moments from our boredom.

Second Samuel 11-12 is a snapshot of exactly what I'm talking about, the infamous Bathsheba Incident.

Eldredge points out that all three desires are placed in a man's heart by God himself, dating back to Adam.

It's a theme that recurs over and over in mythology and romantic stories.

What better way to keep you ineffective than by offering you counterfeits for the desires God has placed in your heart?

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