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Single Egedal
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Washover ridges and lagoons developed during the transgression after 0.7 ka BP.Based on the core data it is suggested that the transgression after 0.7 ka BP might have consisted of three transgression phases separated by periods with stable or slightly regressive conditions.On western Disko, falling RSL in early-middle Holocene was followed by rising RSL in late Holocene.

The role of single-particle dynamics in driven magnetic reconnection in collisionless plasmas is investigated experimentally and analytically.

The trapping of particle orbits in the magnetic cusp is observed to allow fast reconnection in the absence of a macroscopic current layer, at a rate identical to that of vacuum.

Graphical methods are developed by which the guiding centre orbit topology of fast ions in tokamaks is efficiently obtained and displayed.

For constant energy we characterize the orbits by a new set of constant of motion variables (S,χ) describing the radial position and pitch angle of the orbits as they intersect with the stagnation surface.

They play their home games at Smørum Park and Ledøje Stadium.

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