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Senior dating Christiansø
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Roland Christensen was born on August 17, 1919, in Tyler, Minnesota.

In 2006-8 Lars co-authored a number of reports warning of a coming economic meltdown in Central and Eastern Europe and maybe most famously Lars co-authored the report (“Milton Friedman – a pragmatic revolutionary”) published in November 2002. Lars Christensen is internationally recognized as a specialist on the economic teachings of Milton Friedman and the history of monetary thought. Market Monetarists like Lars advocate that central banks should target the nominal GDP level (NGDP level targeting).

Furthermore, Lars has a strong interest in monetary policy for commodity exporting countries and he is advocating that commodity exporting countries could benefit from introducing what he has termed an Export Price Norm (EPN), where the commodity exporting country is pegging its exchange rate to a basket of currencies and the price of the commodity the country exports.

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As Senior Policy Analyst, Naomi Christensen assists in all areas of research at the Foundation to provide analysis and recommendations for public policies that will impact western Canada. She has also worked extensively on trade infrastructure and electricity policy. Previously, Naomi worked in both the federal and provincial (Alberta) levels of government.

Marlys Christianson is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Rotman.

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