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Secret casual München
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You will find yourself eating the biggest and one of the best pizzas in town in the big venetian saloon or you hide away with your date in the darker corners of the restaurant.The wide open kitchen invites you to have a peak at how your pizza is made.Named after one of the most beautiful areas of Paris, this café is as charmingly french as possible.

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The very welcoming and friendly staff make you feel instantly like at home.

Schmalznudel - what sounds like the most weird thing on earth is Munich's answer to an upscale funnel cake. Maybe you're more the winter type and you're more into ginger bread flavor? Rather than having a cake menu, you head to the cake counter (which extends for 10m) with every sort of cakes, strudel cake, cheese cakes, chocolate tortes, fruit tarts, eclairs and more.

In the middle there are small green shanties with fish, flowers, vegetables, meat and wine on offer.

There is a faculty for architecture at the Technical University in Munich and so it is no surprise that their university cafe is very modern and minimal, almost like you would envision an Apple cafe.

Not healthy but highly addictive and perfectly located next to the famous Viktualienmarkt, this is the ideal place for a coffee break. I am not sure if there is a single ingredient that crazy ice-maker (which is the literal translation of the shop's name) hasn't used for his ice cream. The area around the train station Munich East isn't fancy but for sure you will be around locals living in that area or who come here to find some hidden gems.

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