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Reale ficktreffen Kassel
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The reign of the next landgrave William IX (1785-1821) was an important epoch in the history of Hesse-Kassel.

Ascending the throne in 1785, he took part in the war against France a few years later, but in 1795, peace was arranged by the treaty of Basle.

Constitutional restrictions were intolerable to him; and the consequent friction with the diet was aggravated when, in 1832, Hassenpflug was placed at the head of the administration.

The whole efforts of the elector and his minister were directed to nullifying the constitutional control vested in the diet; and the Opposition was fought by manipulating the elections, packing the judicial bench, and a vexatious and petty persecution of political 'suspects', and this policy continued after the retirement of Hassenpflug in 1837.

This action, often bitterly criticized, has of late years found apologists (v.

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