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Ohm readings single phase motor
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Again, if there is a variance in the readings, there could be an internal short in the windings.

Since these checks are electrical checks of the MOTOR of the compressor, it does not matter if it is a reciprocating, scroll, hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor.

Ohm readings single phase motor-55

On a single-phase compressor, the windings should always “add-up” by pairs.

What this means is when reading the resistance between windings on a single phase compressor, Common (C) to Start (S) plus Common (C) to Run (R) should always equal Start (S) to Run (R). Common to run should be the , all the windings should read the same.

If the compressor is hot and an open winding was found, it may take an hour or two for the compressor to cool down and the overload to reset.

While waiting for the overload to reset, check the contactor for pitted or worn points.

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