Mikkeller tettnanger single hop ipa

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Mikkeller tettnanger single hop ipa
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The style is further characterized by floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney, resinous, or sulfur-like American-variety hop character.

Note that one or more of these American-variety hop characters is the perceived end, but the hop characters may be a result of the skillful use of hops of other national origins.

With no true IPA aspects, I’m inclined to label the smell of the beer almost an IPA, but the taste is decidedly not.

Mikkeller tettnanger single hop ipa-12

Because of that, it’s also ideal for a wide variety of beers, from Belgium and French ales to bocks and lagers. If the hops were from the US, that would help to explain my impression of this beer which I could best describe broadly as a “dirty” IPA.

Or, in other terms, maybe it’s just a regular old American pale ale?

I suppose you can say a hoppy beer is “earthy,” but in this case earthy means something musty or yeasty with this beer.

I had to try hard to get some good smells from this beer – it really didn’t want to give them up.

The use of water with high mineral content results in a crisp, dry beer.

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