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Gratis danske dating sider Bornholm
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Manual entries are not accepted after Monday 3 October 2016..(If the text appears to be in Danish, please choose the British flag in the top right corner to get the English version).

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This page will help you overcome some of these difficulties and to show you how to proceed on information obtainable at home. Thus Peter Olsen's son and daughter would be called (say: Ole) Petersen and (say: Karen) Petersdatter.

Two fundamental facts should not be forgotten: first, that the handwriting commonly used in Denmark until about 1900 was the so­called 'German hand'; consequently you must expect to find this handwriting in all the old documents; second, that as late as 1850 the majority of the rural population did not use a permanent family name; instead the sons availed themselves of their father's given name plus ­'-sen' (Engl. You may be certain that Peter Olsen's father had the given name Ole, but you have no means of knowing whether his surname was Hansen, Petersen, Jorgensen. As the number of names in actual use was comparatively small, there exists a danger of mistaking identities.

The distance from the harbor is one mile and from the beach 2 miles.

Each year, many people of Danish descent visit the "old country" and they often use the trip find out more about where their family lived before they emigrated to the United States.

Moreover the titles Danish Junior Winner and Danish Veteran Winner will be distributed.

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