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En dating Horsens
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If you dare to stay the night, Fængslet Sleep In is a bed and breakfast that offers guests the unique experience of staying in an old cell located in the former sick ward. There are numerous exhibitions; I have only just touched upon a few.

It will be an experience you will not easily forget, sparking thoughts about justice and injustice – what is right and what is wrong, and how one decides upon this when confined behind prison bars.

This exhibition reveals that when imprisoned, it is not only the prisoners who suffer, but also their families.

This is what meets you when you visit Fængslet (‘the Prison’) in Horsens.

A prison transformed into a museum The old state penitentiary first opened its doors in 1853 and was shut down in 2006.

You can almost hear the cell doors slamming behind you as you enter the old prison.

Surrounded by never-ending bars, with old graffiti hidden on the walls and a sense of all the prisoners that passed through over the span of 150 years.

Today it is considered the biggest prison museum in the world. Once inside the museum you can follow in the footsteps of either a prisoner or guard.

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