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Dating hall teapots
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The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh was thought to be in the 1490’s and the earliest surviving records date from 1525.The hallmarking of Irish silver began towards the middle of the 17th century.

Other famous patterns include Blue Blossom, Crocus, Red Poppy, and Taverne. Autumn Leaf pattern dishes are listed in their own category. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=hall-china&lgeo=1&mpre=

Antique silver hallmarks have been used to control the quality of goods made of silver since the 14th century and the organisation that regulates the craft, Goldsmiths Hall, gave the world the term hallmark.

The laws governing silver hallmarking are very strict and if an item does not comply with a standard the item will not be hallmarked and will probably be destroyed.

A false silver hallmark has always been treated with the utmost severity by the law and in the past a silversmith was pilloried for their first offence, where they would be pelted with rotten fruit and vegetables.

Therefore, by debasing silver or gold, the offender was undermining the coin of the realm.

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