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Dating 50 Køge
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According to Robert, he and Ras understood that they would eventually inherit the building.

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According to Robert, during this heated encounter with his father, George threatened to “drive [Robert's] head through the kitchen table” unless Robert signed certain documents presented to him by George.

George and Ras deny Robert's account of the meeting and contend that any document signed by Robert was executed voluntarily.

We therefore reinstate Robert's claim seeking an accounting of the revenues, distributions, assets and liabilities (Count One), his claims requesting appointment of a provisional director or special fiscal agent to protect his interests (Counts Two and Three), his claim requesting injunctive relief (Count Four), his claims requesting dissolution or the forced sale of his interests, pursuant to N. After several years working in the programming field, George decided to start his own business. If the gift is “absolute and made voluntarily with a full understanding of its effect[, it] cannot be revoked by the donor, either by his act alone or with the aid of a judicial tribunal.” Hill v. The family members' shared anticipation that their business would remain intact is not tantamount to the imposition of a condition on the gifts at issue, given the parties' failure to discuss or document such a condition.

On December 15, 1994, George and an associate with business expertise, Paul Piringer (Piringer), merged two preexisting entities into Koger, a New Jersey “S” corporation. We therefore disagree with the Appellate Division's conclusions that defendants presented uncontradicted evidence that George's gift was subject to a condition of continued employment, and that defendants' evidence must therefore be accepted.

We affirm in part and reverse in part the Appellate Division's determination. Robert refuted George's and Ras' testimony that a condition was imposed. We concur with the trial court's conclusion that George's December 11, 2006 revocation of that gift had no effect. Robert's remedy, with respect to Koger, is limited to the reinstatement of his 1.5 percent interest in the company. We also review the Appellate Division's reversal of the trial court's determination regarding Robert's transfer of his fifty-percent holdings in KDS and KPS.

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