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Dating 40 Kalundborg
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The material exchanges in the Kalundborg region include: conservation of natural and financial resources; reduction in production, material, energy, insurance and treatment costs and liabilities; improved operating efficiency; quality control; improved health of the local population and public image; and realisation of potential income through the sale of by-products and waste materials.

The history of Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis activities began in 1961 when a project was developed and implemented to use surface water from Lake Tisso for a new oil refinery, to save the limited supplies of ground water.

The City of Kalundborg took the responsibility for building the pipeline while the refinery financed it.

Kalundborg is at latitude 55°41′N, longitude 11°6′E, about 110 km (68 mi) west of Copenhagen on the island of Zealand (Sjaelland).

The Kalundborg area was first settled in 1170 at a natural harbour at the head of the narrow bay today known as Kalundborg Fjord.

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