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marked Im end man ever fcnown to tne mm hearing, i i , . -Jbt manual training school In this city and provements will be made there.

marked1 attention.- Thl charaeter deplo Uon, aald from the Chinaman.""! was admitted ta toe Biaie at 1080 Flijt i venue, fought desper-atelr with hi , assailants, who. 14, whicn u au m tni cuy th Haverly Mastodon Minstrel nae morrow. : tha office of the Portal Triera com belnir wayward ,and was turned oyer v h . Both horses ' South Bend, Ind., and had been editor of the Jackson (Mich.) Patriot, of the its Branclicr " ' .' - " .

"''''-''''' be welcomed by our theatregoers. ' Many women on' th: train" thonght th young inen intended to kl U th Celestial., j The remember this f Jinny comedy, a It nas eondltlon J thougnt to. j'&fo&i&P aiwaye been clean, witty ana run ot rfflat UNDER good specialties. The musical number In It, natural fcnrlronment without at tractlng to 11 ". ana tn aaaition-to C4 V Drive on Railroad Tr Mk.' at Wapwilopn 8nw Cr)moneil theee the famous novelty viuartet ka TMn.. - Ho BDltal on Sunday suffering from stirring qua Utten of the play, l;vhtrg factor In the woe of Th Vlrgln n ' With Blood f Hora-Man Die tell after detective and. At th Grand to-day and to Carnenter ' was enargea ,mo 4avs In iwovlnr back tb front counter in lis Hall ' Turner;-general manager o the Grand Rapids Herald, died from train No. In pany's office 0 Public; Square to , resulted in hla death at the City Hob. been unparalleled m its History, " when thl Nr aggregation comes .? March i mirth an it mmlo 'will ' surely hold for an up-to-date ticket ornea 01 A n har narenta after Dromlslng to pl Ul shortly afterwards.

the 3tty Hospital, wner m- tempted to cut off hi cue. Railroad tracks, and before he could get out of harm's way wa struck by Tha aucceaa achieved thl eaaon by Jockey. and sns Ulned Injuries which Paralysis, r He; was born- In 1S55.

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