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Dansk dating side Haderslev
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Ignored by the Germans, the Danes then opened fire from 300 meters out, knocking out the lead armoured car and killing its driver. The Danes knocked out three more German armoured cars and suffered four casualties.

At a reinforcing German motorized column arrived from Tinglev, cutting the Danes off and forcing them to surrender. A cyclist platoon from Korskro arrived at Rabsted at , occupying the town.

The attack on Denmark was planned as a part of the German Operation Weserübung Süd – the German plan for an invasion of Norway.

X-50 “Patagonia” X-50 “Osadía” and Xp 50 “Capitata” Congratulations to Xp 50 “Capitata” for finishing first on the water in some very challenging conditions!!

#XYachts #Yacht Racing #Chile When the first X-Yacht leaves the harbor in Haderslev, we feel it is the first day of spring.

The first clash between the Danish Army and the invading forces occurred at Lundtoftbjerg, where a Danish anti-tank platoon armed with two 20 mm guns and a light machine gun had taken up positions covering the road.

A German column appeared at , and the 20mm cannons opened fire on the armoured cars while the machine gun took aim at the motorcyclists.

They also encountered a roadblock made with farm equipment, set up only 20 minutes before by 34 Danish soldiers.

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