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Bedste dating sites Christiansø
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On the northern tip of Bornholm are the twin resorts of Allinge-Sandvig, one of the most attractive holiday locations on the island (Sandvig means sandy bay).

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The neighboring island of Frederiksø was once notorious as a place of exile; its most interesting building is the Lille Tarn (Little Tower), now a museum with a 17th century model of the castle on Christiansø, rifles, cannons, old furniture, and utensils.

Though closed to the public, Græsholm is home to a bird sanctuary.

Around ten-minutes' drive southwest from Ronne is the most recent and best preserved of the distinctive round churches of Bornholm in the tiny village of Nylars.

The interior of the church has wall paintings depicting the Creation and the Fall of Man.

The museum also houses several interesting artifacts, such as wartime memorials, old clocks, and items of gold.

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