Asperger dating forum

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Asperger dating forum
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Aspie Affection Info: Created by Alex plank, the creator of Wrong, Aspie affection gives people of the spectrum a chance to connect, and maybe find a love Match.

A loner, with no friends, who keeps to himself, indulges in ritualistic behavior, is prone to extreme violence and has aggressive outbursts, and who has a lack of empathy, is the kind of person who keeps a freezer stocked full of human body parts! Nowadays they just shrug, and say "Aspergers", like that makes it right.

In another 10 years time those very same parents will be sitting around, scratching their heads, after 'Little Jonny's just walked into his Highschool with 3 sawn offs, a flaregun, a rucksack full of pipebombs, and several 9-mm semi-automatic handguns, and massacred at least 100 of his classmates.

While ALL Syndromes are inherently evil, from the sounds of it, this Aspergers is the worst of them!

To make matters worse, now liberals have put a name to this, instead of just saying These children are evil / born bad / psychos / wrong in the head, so they can palm them off into cognitive behavior therapy and similar nonsense, instead of locking these evil monsters away where they belong away in a small white padded cell, before they can start killing small animals! Years ago when a parent seen his 8 year old son torturing and mutilating small animals, alarm bells started going off.

I was talking with someone on Yahoo who uses it the other day & she told me that they are charging for membership now & the site is not as good as it used to be.

Asperger dating forum

Once you've filled out the quick registration process you will be to see full size photos and profiles of thousands of Hvidovre hispanic singles.…
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