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Aschersleben singles
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She refused and was threatened by the local police.Her mother came to her defense with the excuse, “She works from dawn to dusk, so there’s no time.” Irene was allowed to miss the meetings if her father wrote a letter requesting her release.

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Irene Hampel (born 1928) recalled that the rooms were part of a shoemaker’s business.

“The branch was permitted to use one main room and two smaller rooms.” As in most other branches, Sunday School was held in the morning and sacrament meeting in the evenings.

Offering free Wi-Fi and views of the park, this family-run hotel is situated in the centre of Aschersleben.

Guests can relax on the terrace, with an outdoor pool available during the summer months.

Das Frühstück war richtig fein und lecker und wurde in einem ganz hübschen Raum hergerichtet.

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