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Arnis single
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Most importantly, the rattan stick is also safer than wood because it does not splinter on impact. This is especially important when performing full contact stick combat techniques with your training partner.

Kali sticks allow the fighters to engage in full contact training, however protective gear (i.e., fencing masks, hand protection, arm and elbow pads, throat and chest protectors, groin cup, etc) must be worn at all times.

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is actually a nonspecific term referring to the various weapon based martial arts styles that use stick combat in their systems.

Believe it or not but there are many different martial arts that practice various forms of For example, "intonga" is an ancient stick combat martial art practiced in South Africa.

The Filipino grandmaster Cui Brocka and the German Arnis master H. Rauscher were the first to introduce Arnis in Germany in 1970.

(The Okinawan terminology for the two sticks is Ni Tanbo.

The first weapons used in Arnis/Eskrima are the “sticks”.

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